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Fish Tanks and Blogging

I figure why not? Why not do a blog to post up the progress and photos of my reef tank. This build got wet on Monday, October 30th and this first blog will catch you up on what's been happening!  Here's the recap:

I had two Red Sea Reefer 250s - they never really got going.  One was going to be a macro algae tank and the other a mixed reef.  Well, I dealt with issue after issue in the reef tank.  Aiptasia, bubble algae, flat worms, montipora eating nudibranchs, salt issues, fish deaths, coral deaths, just to name a few.  I realized 5 reef tanks (the two reefers, a 10 gallon fusion, a 12 long and a 14 gallon peninsula) was too many.  An idea was born: Get one big tank and have one tank only.  So I ordered an SCA 150.  After some immediate issues (bad silicone in one area, missing plumbing parts, missing lighting parts and hard to figure out installation, I got it set up with the help of some good friends.  

As of this post, I have one Reefer emptied and the tank is on its way!  The next post will talk about my new captive-bred yellow tang, Amelia!  She's the last photo in the gallery below.