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Thanksgiving: I’m Thankful!

Reef Koi Series #1  

Reef Koi Series #1  

There’s so much to be thankful for and Thanksgiving always makes me contemplate this (duh, it’s called Thanksgiving for a reason). For this post, I’m going to focus on Reef keeping. Within this hobby, here are the top things I’m thankful for in this hobby:

  1. Reef friends! I’ve met some awesome ones over this past year and I’m happy to call them friends - not just Reef friends.

  2. Renewed passion for the hobby! 2017 was a tough reefing year for me and honestly, I almost broke down my tanks to take a break more than a few times. One of my friends helped me make the decision to go bigger and focus on just ONE tank. Enter the 150! I’m so enjoying this hobby again and realize now how much I missed that. To feel passion for something, especially renewed passion, is always inspiring.

  3. Reefers that like my art! Thank you. All of you. Each painting I do (as corny as this sounds) is part of me. So, having others enjoy what I create means a lot.

I did say though that my next post would introduce my new Longhorn Cowfish! Well folks, meet Bevo! He’s hilarious. What a fun and goofy fish to watch. His name - comment below if you get the reference!  I got him from my friend Jen at Colchester Pet. He was eating mysis about 5 minutes after being released into the tank! 


That’s it for this post. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans. Stay safe and enjoy your holiday! I would love to hear what you’re thankful for in this hobby of ours as well.