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Reef Koi Series #3 - Coming Soon! And some coral photos....

Reef Koi Series #2 calls Canada home 

Reef Koi Series #2 calls Canada home 

I'm about to start the next painting in the Reef Koi Series! I have some time off around the holidays so I'm going to get started. It won't be as big as Reef Koi Series #1 or Series #2 - I'm going to try to stick to a 24"x24" canvas this time and see how I like it.  

Reef Koi Series #1 is currently in our kitchen watching over the 25 IM lagoon tank.  Reef Koi Series #2 is up in Canada with my friend, Ryan Nash.  I'm not sure where #3 will call home! I always like seeing where my paintings end up.

Once I get the concept down, I'll post up some initial looks on Instagram! 

Reef Koi Series #1 - 60"x48" 

Reef Koi Series #1 - 60"x48" 

I've finally posted most of the industry events I will be attending through June on my website.  Click here to go see where I'll be next! I would really love to see you and talk art or reef keeping so please stop by and say hi.

Ok, now on to what this blog is supposed to be about.  My newish tank!  I'm really pleased with how things are doing so far.  I've had some missteps (giant hermits that decided to eat my purple stylo, knock everything to the ground and just all around wreak havoc, burned the crap out of some coral, etc.), but over all, I'm really loving this tank. it is dead silent, the sump has enough room for equipment, and I'm enjoying watching everything grow in.  I'm still getting used to kalkwasser instead of two part dosing.  I honestly can't tell you if I find it easier or harder than traditional dosing.   

Here are a few photos!  I think you can hover for the description and captions.

I'm still having a little fish aggression between the tang and coris and the butterfly, so I put the mirror back up today. It cracks me up that they ALL fight themselves.  here's a quick video.

Uploaded by Rachel Fogle on 2017-12-18.


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