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Happy Holidays and Keep On Reefing!


I'm really excited for my friend, Scott Crowe's Expo, the Keep On Reefing Expo. I've been helping him out with some of the marketing and such and have really been enjoying it.  

The goal is to make it into more of a show and less of a local frag swap and I think he is well on his way to doing this!  We have an aquascape contest planned - the details will be out after the first of the year and you'll be able to compete with Scott and Ryan Nash for the title!  So you'll probably see me talking about this a lot in the future.  


There's only 60 days until the Northeast Frag Farmer's market.  HOLY FREAKING CRAP.  60 days.  To paint paintings for the show. And the show in Niagra.  And Reef-A-Palooza Orlando.  And Scott's show.  And Reef-A-Palooza New York. Holy crap.  So 60 days until the expo/trade show season starts for me.  Woah.

Anyway, let's talk tanks!  So here are a few photos from this week.  one of my clowns!  And Bevo of course along with some zoas. 

IMG_5432 2.JPG
I think emeralds on fire...

I think emeralds on fire...

So far, the tank is still doing well. I'm having trouble getting my skimmer dialed in, but overall that's not bad! 

Stella in her Christmas sweater. 

Stella in her Christmas sweater. 

My clams are still dealing with pinched mantel.  Two of the three anyway.  They had been doing better and then one fell and got irritated again.  The other I knocked by mistake and had to move it so now it's not happy again.  So I'm hoping for the best.  

The rest of everything seems to be looking good.  Zoanthids are growing well, some of the other corals look good. The fish all seem happy.  

I need to figure out a Fuge as I'm starting to get a touch of cyano batercia and I need something that will help with nutrient export.

As always, thank you for reading.  I really appreciate it.  I like hearing from you so leave a comment below! 

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Rachel Fogle