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Quick and dirty tank update

I have been meaning to do a more thorough tank update but the week got away from me. The tank is still stabilizing after the temp spike. I did lose the second maxima and a brain maze coral.  

utterly depressing photo of my 6+ inch maxima (or the shell I should say). I said when I started this blog I would share the good and the bad and the temp spike has caused a rough patch. 

The shell from my large maxima  

The shell from my large maxima  

Aside from that, the tank seems to be evening out. Before the spike, I had been getting some Cyanobacteria here and there which is to be expected with the age of the tank. I think I’m hitting those tank uglies that always hit in the first few months. The temp spike seems to have fueled the cyano a bit more. Time to adjust the flow and get something to help outcompete the cyano for nutrients.  

Its not all bad news! My other coral seem happy, especially this Bounce Mushroom: 



That’s it for now! More tomorrow on the rest of the tank, my “new” macro reactor and my live painting sessions!  


Rachel Fogle